Why Pejic Law?

Why Choose Pejic Law Group, P.C.?

ABILITY – For over 20 years Attorney L. Scott Pejic has been successfully representing the injured and the accused.  Attorney Pejic has utilized and applied his educational background in science to provide his clients with a sophisticated level of representation. 

AVAILABILITY – Attorney L. Scott Pejic prides himself on his being available 24/7!  All messages left for attorney Pejic are immediately forwarded to his email address.  Attorney Pejic constantly monitors all of his email and telephone messages to ensure the most prompt responses.

COMMUNICATION – One of the most common complaints about attorneys is that they do not return telephone calls or respond to email messages.  We make it a point to make sure we respond to all client inquiries as soon as practical.  

LISTEN – We cannot communicate effectively if we do not listen to you! Once retained, we emphasize to our clients the importance of communication.  No one, and I mean no one, knows more about the case than the client.  We cannot zealously and effectively represent any client unless there is open and clear communication between us.  We emphasize that there is no such thing as a “dumb question.”  Also, there is no detail that is too small.  We encourage and ask our clients to tell us anything and everything they think is relevant to their case.

EDUCATION –  Many clients can become frustrated with the legal system because they do not understand the legal processes and principles relevant to their case.  We are always ready, willing and able to answer any and all questions our clients may have.  To be sure, we cannot predict what a judge or jury will do in a particular case, but we do our best to help reduce a client’s anxiety, frustration or lack of understanding about the particulars of their cases.